Answered By: Paul Kissman
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Beyond meeting eligibility requirements for certain MBLC grant programs, strategic planning is a well-documented management tool for all types of organizations. A plan reflects the vision of what the library is and where it needs to go, and serves as a blueprint for the organization's growth.

Planning has been emphasized in libraries, particularly public libraries, for several decades. The MBLC has seen its value as a management tool for libraries of all types. Libraries have repeatedly confirmed how important the process of completing a plan has been in their local efforts to gain recognition, funding, and staffing for accomplishing the goals and objectives set out in their plans.

Specifically, strategic planning:

  • explains the library program to others
  • identifies priorities, strengths, and weaknesses

  • provides an anchor for the development of a budget

  • articulates connections with the larger organization

  • provides a blueprint for future development

  • creates a clear sense of purpose

  • provides the basis for ongoing evaluation

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