Answered By: Lauren Stara
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There are two different sizes of schematic design drawings that must be submitted:

  1. Regardless of the size of the original drawings, they must be reduced to 11" x 17", punched, folded and placed in the binder itself as part of Appendix O. These reductions must be included in all eight binders, including the "Original" binder.
  2. One set of larger drawings must be submitted with the "Original" binder only. In most cases, the original drawing format will be 30" x 40" -- these are unwieldy and we require half-size copies, or 15" x 22". For a few of your projects, the original drawing size is smaller -- 24" x 36". In these cases we want the full-size drawings. This is because half-size (12" x 18") is too small, and a reduction to 15" x 22" would result in drawings that are not to scale.

If your architect has additional questions about this, please contact me at -- we would rather answer questions than receive incorrect submissions.

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